The North Tipperary Opportunities Fair was timely, relevant and valuable

The  Tus Nua North Tipperary Opportunities Fair attracted more than 200 people to Nenagh on Tuesday last May 26th. The fair was a multi agency response to the growing unemployment problem in the county and featured  information desks, seminars and an opportunity to meet with representatives of Tipperary Institute, Enterprise IrelandTipperary North County Enterprise Board FAS, North Tipperary VEC, Department of Social & Family Affairs, Tipperary Leader Partnership , HSE and a host of others offering options in terms of financial supports for returning to education, upskilling, start your own business or advice on how to confront the challenges of your unemployed status.

Tus Nua was hailed as a great example of agencies co-operating by Moya Breen, Director of the Business Department at Tipperary Institute.  Moya speaking to the local media said that “thirty four exhibitors from across the training, education, business development, banking and welfare spectrum participated in the Fair which provided valuable information and contacts for the hundreds of people who visited.”

The agencies involved in the organisation of Tus Nua will now assess the outcome, consider the needs identified by attendees and endeavour to come up with a meaningful response at local level.



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2 responses to “The North Tipperary Opportunities Fair was timely, relevant and valuable

  1. Sounds like a good effort.
    I was just a bit suprised about the low publicity and the fact that it was only the “usual suspects” that were represented..

  2. I agree, it could have been publicised a lot better. 200 people, 34 exhibitors is less than 6 people per exhibitor. The timing of the event also didn’t help I’m sure, as being held on a Tuesday meant that any coverage in local press would have been in the previous weeks issue and most likely forgotten about. It would have been better to have it on the Thursday or at the weekend.

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