Tipperary win most nominations for hurling All Stars 2009

GAA All Stars Hurling Nominations for 2009:

Tipperary players can take pride in the fact that more of their players have been nominated for All Star Hurling awards than any other team. The All Stars Banquet will be on 16th Oct. 2009. The full list of nominees is below.

Brendan Cummins (Tipperary)
PJ Ryan (Kilkenny)
Clinton Hennessy (Waterford)

Full Backs:
JJ Delaney (Kilkenny)
Michael Kavanagh (Kilkenny)
Jackie Tyrrell (Kilkenny)
Padraig Maher (Tipperary)
Paddy Stapleton (Tipperary)
Ollie Canning (Galway)
Fergal Moore (Galway)
Noel Connors (Waterford)
Shane O’Neill (Cork)

Half Backs:
John Tennyson (Kilkenny)
Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny)
Michael Walsh (Waterford)
Tony Browne (Waterford)
Conor O’Mahony (Tipperary)
Declan Fanning (Tipperary)
John Lee (Galway)
Mark Foley (Limerick)
Stephen Hiney (Dublin)

Michael Rice (Kilkenny)
Alan McCrabbe (Dublin)
Shane McGrath (Tipperary)
James Woodlock (Tipperary)
Seamus Hickey (Limerick)
Gavin O’Mahony (Limerick)

Half Forwards:
Eddie Brennan (Kilkenny)
Eoin Larkin (Kilkenny)
Henry Shefflin (Kilkenny)
Seamus Callanan (Tipperary)
Lar Corbett (Tipperary)
Pat Kerwick (Tipperary)
John O’Brien (Tipperary)
Ben O’Connor (Cork)
Aonghus Callinan (Galway)

Full Forwards:
Eoin Kelly (Tipperary)
Noel McGrath (Tipperary)
Joe Canning (Galway)
Damien Hayes (Galway)
Martin Comerford (Kilkenny)
Richie Power (Kilkenny)
David O’Callaghan (Dublin)
David Treacy (Dublin)
John Mullane (Waterford)

Hurler of the Year
Lar Corbett (Tipperary)
John Mullane (Waterford)
Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny)

Young Hurler of the Year
Joe Canning (Galway)
Padraig Maher (Tipperary)
Noel McGrath (Tipperary)


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