Try a dive with Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club

Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club, based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary are giving members of the public the chance to ‘Try a dive’ in safe surroundings under expert supervision.

On Wednesday the 21st and 28th October at 7pm  members of the club are holding an open night in Nenagh Swimming Pool. On the night you will get a chance to try out the scuba gear and take a little swim under water around the pool alongside a qualified diver.You won’t need to bring anything except your togs as all equipment is provided free of charge on the night.

You won’t get to see any fish but you will experience the tranquility beneath the surface and experience the weightlessness similar to being in space. You’ll also get the opportunity to talk to club members and learn more about this exciting sport.

Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club has been in existence for nearly 20 years with members from all over Tipperary, Limerick, Offaly, Galway and beyond. During the winter months training is held in the pool and Spring/Summer sees trips to the West Coast of Ireland. Various members regularly head off on diving trips abroad.

To learn more about the club visit the website

Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club

Lough Derg Sub Aqua Club


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