Extension of the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan today announced the extension of the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme. The Scheme, detailed in the Finance Bill, allows companies to buy energy efficient equipment and write off its full cost against corporation tax in the year of purchase.

Introduced in 2008, the Scheme has been expanded this year to include up to forty different technologies. All Irish business, large and small, can receive tax relief on equipment such as:

– Refrigeration and cooling systems

– Catering and hospitality equipment

– Electro-mechanical systems

– IT software and hardware

– Lighting

– Electric vehicles

Other categories of equipment such as certain wind turbines and solar photovoltaic technology are also eligible.

“Despite recent reductions in prices,” said Minister Ryan,” energy remains a significant element of business overheads. Every day, companies are asking how they can be more efficient in the way they use and manage their energy.

With this level of interest and dedication on the part of businesspeople, it is right that we assist them in making the switch.”

The range of eligible equipment has been extended to apply to a greater and more varied number of businesses in Ireland. Now those in the hospitality, manufacturing and retail sectors can avail of relief.

“The aim of this Scheme is to help Irish businesses of all sizes, not only to reduce their energy use, but crucially to save money. It’s working well and I encourage all businesses to get involved”, said the Minister.


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